Friday, January 11, 2013

Jetha loses the court case against Gulabo

This is very trying and testing time for Jethalal and Daya ben. Jetha has lost the case against Gulabo in court. “I am not married to Gulabo but she has such proofs that anything and everything that I say is not working. Except for my wife and family and close friends, everybody is doubting me. Now even court had declared me a liar and given the verdict in Gulabos favor.”
After this news the entire Gada parivar and Gokuldham society is in dumps. They are worried while some have really started doubting Jetha. “I know that my husband is innocent. He loves me too much to go anywhere else but I don’t know how to prove it,” mumbles Daya ben. She is also worried about her own and her son’s future. 

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