Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moms special on Nach Baliye.

Nach Baliye 5 will see the entry of some special guests this week as they cheer their co-actors on the show. Usha Nadkarni popular as Savita Tai from Pavitra Risha encouraged Parag Tyagi who plays her son in the show. She also performed an impromptu dance for the audience. With Savita on the show how could Gayatri remain far behind? Karan Mehra’s onscreen mother played by Sonali Verma along with Bhabhi Ma played by Medha Sambutkar also made an appearance. The duo presented Karan and Nisha with an idol of Lord Krishna and Radha. With two mothers-in-law on the show judge Shilpa Shetty played the perfect bahu by demonstrating how chapattis are made. Interesting!

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