Monday, September 9, 2013

Pramad forces himself on Kumud

This week in SaraswatiChandra,Pramad, enraged by Naveen, vents out his anger on Kumud. He tries to get physical with her and forces her to drink after she resists her advances. SC sees inebriated Kumud and realises that Pramad is damaged beyond repair.  Kumud, however, hasn't given up hopes of transforming Pramad. 
Saubhagyadevi asks Kumud to observe the Teej fast but Kumud decides against it until Pramad accepts her as his wife. She decides to tell SBD by writing a letter to her. But Kalika replaces Kumud's letter with another one stating that Kumud will surely fast. While Kalika gets fruits for Kumud, she also plots to send SBD and her friends to go to Kumud's room to meet the fasting Bahu at the same time. SBD is upset with Kumud but Kumud outsmarts Kalika by revealing that she did keep the fast, not for Pramad but for her mother-in-law.  Saras feels bad for Kumud and gets to know that all these are Kalika’s doings and she really needs to be mended. 
It’s time to break the fast but Pramaadh has gone out to drink with his friends. Kumud promises SBD that she will not break her fast till she does not bring Pramad back home. SBD sends Kalika along with Kumud to bring Pramad back. At the bar, Kumud threatens Pramad in front of all his friends and brings him back home. Pramad who walks out angry, tries to avenge his insult by again hurting her at night and Kumud runs out of the the room in pain. She bumps into SC, they both agree to a pact that SC will figure out a way to throw Kalika out of the house and after that if Pramad still doesn't change then Kumud will have to leave her sasural and go back to her father's home. The next morning SC leaves to go to a neighbouring village on work and Kumud is trying to get past a usual day when VC, Dukhbaa and Gun arrive at her doorstep. 

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