Monday, November 25, 2013

Kusum dosen't want to marry Mohan

Kumud arrives from the court with a bad news as Pramad has declined the divorce. On the contrary, Saras is making preparations for his marriage proposal to Kumud.  Kumud explains that it was her destiny to marry him and now she I ll make sure. Pramad doesn’t messes with Kusum’s happiness. Kumud is now packed up and ready to go to Pramad.  VidyaChatur angrily tells Kumud if she wants to go then she has to cross over his deadbody as he cannot jeopardize her safety. In the meantime Pramad enters and requests them that he just wants to spend last days with her and  repent for his mistakes. In frustration, VidyaChatur allows him to stay. When Saras comes back with the gifts,Kumud asks him about where he was and why was he not there when she needed him the most. Saras goes on his knees and is about to propose when he sees Pramad. He is shocked to see him. Saras gets angry and drags Kumud away. Kumud tries to explain to saras but he doesnt listen. Pramad tries to explain but Saras pushes him away and tells him to leave. Kumud asks Saras why did you react so strongly which makes him angry and he leaves. Kumud tries calling Saras but he doesn't answers. Kumud gets sad and Kusum tries to console her. Next day Kumud tries to pacify the situation. But Saras asks Kumud to sign the papers for the divorce. Kumud declines signing the papers as she is worried if she divorces pramadh, he might mess with Kusum's wedding. Kumud gets emotional which melts Saras's anger and they patch up. Pramad goes to School site to earn Saras's trust by working for him. Kumud comes and sees Pramad working. She gets angry on Saras and takes Pramad away. Dukhba meets Saras and Makes him understand that Kumud and he will be starting a new life soon which makes him calm down and he leaves to meet Kumud. Saras brings a saree for Kumud which she happily accepts. Kusum finally tells Danny that she doesn’t wants to marry Mohan and asks him for his help. Kumud finds Kalika hiding something. Kumud creates a scene because of which everybody comes to know that kalika was hiding a saree that Pramadh bought from the money he earned from Saras , which he wants to gift to Kumud. Everyone gets shocked. In the meantime, Danny tells Saras that Kusum wants to break the marriage as she loves him. He asks for his help. Saras gets worried. On the other hand Kusum tells Kumud that she doesn’t wants to marry Mohan as she loves someone else. Kumud asks her who he is but just then Gun enters and takes away Kusum for the haldi Rasam. On the other hand Saras tells Danny that if Kusum doesn’t  wants to marry Mohan, she won’t and he ll talk to the elders about it. During the Haldi Rasam Kumud wants to discuss the situation with Saras but family and guest doesn’t let them speak. Later Pramad tells Kumud that he feels Kusum is not happy with her marriage which shocks Kumud. Kusum has been taken for a bath after haldi. Gun tells Kusum that she won’t let her think of Saras and as she turns she sees Kumud standing there.

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