Friday, June 22, 2012

Bharti’s Bhai Giri on Jhalak

Bharti’s Bhai Giri on Jhalak

Ever since Bharti Singh aka Laali decided to take to the Jhalak stage, she has been on a roll with surprises for her fans. She has been working really hard to improve as a dancer and is taking lessons from her choreographer Savio very seriously. For the special episode giving tribute to the 100 years of cinema, Bharti will be seen playing Sanjay Dutt aka Munnabhai while her partner Savio will play circuit!

Well there is no doubt that this cheerful lady will be in her comfort zone (comedy) when she performs to Sanju Baba’s iconic character of ‘Munna Bhai’. Known for her great comic timing, Bharti has taken great interest in this act from the chalking the concept, character look, dance steps… her fans will be left laughing out loud!

Apparently the comedian is also the prankster on the sets of Jhalak and is often referred to as the Bhai of the Jhalak house! Here is one performer who can catch everyone’s attention within minutes! She has already won the judges over by her fantastic performance in the first episode. And now with this one… she is all set to tickle their funny bone! Will she get a Jaddu Ki Jhaappi from all the three  judges, only time will tell”

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