Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Divya plots to seperate Tej and Toasty

As expected Tej and Toasty's happy marriage has run into trouble thanks to Divya who has fallen for Tej in Saas Bina Sasural on Sony.

A source reveals " The doctor says Pashu seems to be in a serious condition, they will have to put him in the ICU and do several tests for that they have to pay Rs.3 lakhs at the reception. All chaturvedi’s are tensed now as they don’t have money to pay. On the other hand in ICU room Toasty is with Pashu who wants to say sorry to Malti. After this Tosty is calling Malti but her mom is disconnecting the phone. Then tej and tosty both are in dilemma to get money and Malti, for Pashu’s sake. tej goes at salon and tells mr. Patel about his problem ask for 3 lacks loan as his brother is in hospital. Mr. Patels helps him and gives 3lakh 50 thousand ka cheque all this while Divya is admiring tej. On the other hand at toasty is disappointed as secretary and mother everybody denies her to help. She is tensed and while getting down from building a kid comes to Toasty tells the truth and says he will help her as it was not watchman uncles mistake its his,at the same time his mother overhear all so she also agrees to help Toasty.Toasty, kid and mother goes to hotel where Malti and her mother are staying. kid tells the truth to Malti,Malti realises her mistakes goes to hospital where in ICU she meets Pashu and they have a very emotional moment. They both apologize to each other.Pashu and Malti are brought home. Everyone is happy Chhedi tells Pashu he should rest for sometime before he gets well even he informs them that he has a meeting with a senior bureaucrat regarding the sealing. All hopes for good. On the other hand at salon Divya keeps clicking Tej’s pictures, but when he looks she pretends to be clicking pictures of the site she is extra sweet to him as now as she is in love with tej. Mr. Patel gives bonus cheque to tej for the increase in revenue, because of his business idea.Tej calls tosty for a lunch at restaurant to give her this good news where divya and her friends also comes and get’s to know about Tej having a woman in his life, divya decides that she will snatch Tej from her."

Now what will Toasty do to save her marriage? That only time will tell.

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