Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ankita Lokhande rags Crockroaz

At the upcoming Saturday (28 July) special episode shoot of DID L’il Masters, India’s No. 1 reality show, Zee TV had the most popular stars of its primetime shows match the young powerhouses of dancing talent step for step. So you had the likes of Narayani Shastri, Gulki Joshi, Ankita Lokhande, Rithvik Dhanjani, Rupal Tyagi and Kinshuk Mahajan dancing up a storm with the L’il Masters!
Since Ankita Lokhande who plays Archana on Pavitra Rishta was paired up with l’il Soumya Rai of Raghav’s team, she was choreographed by the king of Slow Motion himself! Right after the beautiful act where Ankita played Soumya’s protective angel, as the duo waited for the judges’ comments, Raghav joined them up on stage and told Ankita that his mother was an ardent fan of Pavitra Rishta and simply loved her character. Ankita beamed happily at the appreciation. Next, Raghav added, “My  mum has expressed a wish that I share a dance with you on this stage before you leave!” The usually shy Raghav then slid his hand into Ankita’s and together they did his trademark slow motion move, much to everybody’s delight.
Geeta Kapur made a rather interesting observation, “I have seen Raghav perform his slow motion act atleast a hundred times over in the course of this season, sometimes with grandparents, at times with l’il kids, at times with the celebrities who visit our sets. In all this while, not once have I seen Raghav’s hand slip into his partner’s for the act. After all, the slow-mo move is a solo action. So, it amuses me no end to see how Raghav has made a convenient exception for Ankita and has held her hand throughout the act.”
Even as Raghav began to defend himself, Geeta added, “Also, I have to say that I have my doubts about whether it was really his mother’s wish to see him dance with Ankita … to me, it looks like Raghav was very smartly fulfilling his own dreams and passing them off as his mother’s!”
A beetroot red Raghav begged for Geeta Ma to stop all the ribbing while Ankita joined in and only added to his miseries, “Geeta yes, now that you point out Raghav’s intentions it suddenly becomes so clear why he has been so touchy-feely with me all this while!” she said. Raghav could only hide his face and run as the ragging session just wouldn’t come to an end.

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