Monday, July 30, 2012

Nidhi celebrates Ashutosh's birthday in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

Nidhi is very perplexed about her husband’s love for her is going through the files in the hospital and suddenly a familiar date comes up. She then realizes that she has forgotten her husband’s birthday. Not wanting to show her excitement to anyone she plans something which would make Dr. Ashutosh a happy. Nidhi controls her enthusiasm when she is curiously probed by Baba if she remembers anything about Dr. Ashutosh’s birthday. As Nidhi doesn’t reveal that she is aware of the important day a sense of irritation appears on the face of Dr. Ashutosh and this only intensifies as she requests him that she would want to sleep early. Dr. Nidhi then decorates the entire hall and at the strike of 12 she wakes up Dr. Ashutosh with a heart touching peck and in addition to it the entire hall is being anxiously awaited by all the guests invited for Ashutosh’s birthday surprise. A thrilled Dr. Ashutosh is overwhelmed by emotion and thoughtfulness of his loving wife.

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