Friday, September 14, 2012

Krishna arrested,Komal finds out truth about Abhimanyu

Krishna is arrested because of minister’s child getting critically sick after eating food at the party which Krishna has organised.
Pratigya gets Krishna out on bail and is baffled to found that the cctv footage has been deleted.
Meanwhile Abhimanyu continues to be on his sabotage spree and talks ill about Sajjan to the minister and instigates him who inturns go ahead and gets Sajjan’s thekas shut, thus creating further misunderstanding between Sajjan, Shakti and Krishna.
Pratigya by now is convinced that if the CCTV has been tampered with then for sure somebody had contaminated the vegetables in the restaurant but is not sure who must have done it.
Meanwhile Komal who thinks that she did a big mistake by insulting Abhimanyu thinks of paying him a visit and apologise to him, but when she reaches his house Abhimanyu’s true identity is unveiled to her and she decides to bring it out in open but Abhimanyu threatens to harm chinky.

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