Friday, September 21, 2012

Rajni seeks revenge in Byah Hamari Bahoo Ka

The much talked about show Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka on Sony Entertainment Television is all set to unfold one of the biggest twist i.e.  Bahu’s re - marriage. In the upcoming episode a twist upturns where we will get to see the innocent Bahu Rajnibala turning into a grey shade women now.
As the story goes, Krish will be blamed that he had played foul with Shikha (Rajni’s younger sister) in the past. Shikha is got in front of Krish and this shocks Krish to no end. Rajni then blames him and is accusing him that Shikha would not be in such a bad state if it wasn’t for Krish. To back the allegations Rajni has come up with proofs against Krish that he dated and cheated his sister and left her alone at the magistrar's off on the day he promised to marry her, however inspite of all proofs krish is denying to even recognise Rajni's sister Shikha..
Shikha who was once deeply in love with Krish was shocked to know when she got to know that Krish had absolutely no feeling towards Shikha and was just playing with Shika’s feelings. Krish is blamed that he heartlessly leaves Shikha unattended in the middle of a forest which played drastically on Shikha’s mental stability and this shock on her and left her paralyzed. 

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