Monday, April 8, 2013

Gumaan announces Sc's rejection of Kumud

In SAraswatichandra, this week VC family is surprised to see Gumaan in Ratnagiri. Dukhba and Gumaan have a face off which showcases their hatred for each other. Guman feings concern for SC being in jail and calls Lk to tell the truth when Kumud comes with Yash ,exposes him as the real culprit and that  SC is innocent. Gumaan sees Kumud for the first time and notice a fire in her. SC is freed, everyone happy, but Gumaan and Maneka plan to give Kumud a mooh dikhai that she would be a life- long remembrance to her. SC and Kumud decide to tell VC the truth about the rejection to marriage. Here Guman manages to convince VC for the celebration to seal Kumud and SC’s relationship. Here SC and Kumud returning from school decide to tell VC the truth of the marriage rejection. The function is kept as a surprise to SC and Kumud. Gumaan announces SC rejection of marrying Kumud publicly, thus damaging father daughter relationship

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