Friday, April 12, 2013

Kumud warns SC to maintain distance

Pre Preparations for Gun and VC’s anniversary are going on in the family, without inviting any outsider where all are hopeful that VC will join in and forgive Kumud and Gun and broken relationships will be mended. SC trying his best to convince  VC to forgive Gun and Kumud. To everyone’s surprsise, Gumaan invites the priests and other guests who inquire about VC, the priest and others waiting for VC’s presence in Pooja when to everyone’s surprise VC turns up.Guman furious for her plan got spoiled. Its SC who convinced VC to join in the anniversary Pooja and VC forgives Kumud. Guman taunts Kumud regarding the letter and eventually Kumud warns SC to maintain distance with her. Kumud in order to fix her father’s new consignment goes to town where she gets stuck and Sc lands to help her, eventually both sharing moments with each other. Here Guman taunting in the house regarding Kumud and SC staying away from home family worried. Both return home, with the realization that somewhere both are bonded & affected by each other. Guman’s taunt agitates gun and VC, Gun slaps Kumud, but surprisingly VC warns Gumaan to stop defaming Kumud and that he trusts his daughter.

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  1. Very good news. Thanks. Hope the upcoming track will be interesting one.