Saturday, April 20, 2013

Urmi's house raided

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya this week, the whole family under threat moves to Urmi house and Rashi even being born and brought up in that chawl faces problems to live there. Urmi somehow tackles Nikki and Savita’s  awkward questions. Urmi is then enjoying herself to the level best. Koki just then decides to move into Urmi Mansion to keep a check on her. The goons keep an eye on Urmi mansion 24x7. Koki enters and is amazed to see how Urmi is misusing her power. Later the ACP plays smart and installs cameras on every door and window of  the Urmi's masion. The cop in hope to find connection between Urmi and Gopi also places a goon inside the house as a maali. Koki gets alarmed by the maali’s behavior. Urmi notices Koki not replying to her she takes full advantage of the case and punishes Koki for no reason. The maali is successful getting Urmi’s mobile number through which the ACP finds out the address of Urmi’s chawl. The henchmen goes to Urmi’s chawl to findout but the whole chawl is in support of Gopi and the Modis, so the henchmen never gets any clue. The ACP is getting restless for his unsuccessful attempts send another goon inside Modi mansion where he gets a flash of a Modi family picture which he cannot get hold of and decides to raid Urmi’s house  once again.

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