Friday, February 3, 2012

Candid Kareena and Imran

he gorgeous Kareena Kapoor, the mischievous Imraan Khan and the devil’s advocate Karan Johar makes for an amazing talk show. That much was expected. What wasn’t expected was the extent of bold fun that happened. The three stars had got together for A date with Ek Main aur Ekk Tu’ – a show to be simulcast exclusively on ETC, Zee TV, Zing, Zee Café, Zee Studio, Zee Trendz and Zee Khana Khazana on 4th February, 7PM.

The mood for the show was set early on when KJo asked Imraan if he’d thought of undergoing therapy for OCD. “Never, I quite enjoy being obsessively organized,” replied Imraan without batting an eyelid.

 As the chat proceeded it appeared Karan had touched a raw nerve when he told Imraan, “Kareena postponed dates for Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu as she preferred doing Bodyguard first. She chose Salman over you!”

Never the one to be flustered, Imraan shot back, “If you’ve to lose, that’s someone to lose to!”

Having failed to get the better of Imraan, KJo trained his guns on Kareena. “How do you feel when you see Saif in an intimate scene with another hot actress? Say in Race 2, Saif has a bare-body scene with a Deepika in bikini, what would be your first thought?”

“I’d be like ‘wow! How hot Saif looks’,” said Kareena, adding, with a twinkle in her eye, “I know how he looks bare bodied!” Probed further, Kareena revealed, “I am quite secure in my relationship with Saif and though I don’t want to say too much too soon, I am quite content!”

And for all those people who were missing Karan Johar's famous rapid fire round, this session with the season’s hottest jodi, Imraan and Kareena will definitely leave u begging for more. Their tongue in cheek replies will definitely set new standards in the industry. Rechristened the Quick Fire round, KJo asked Imraan what was the one thing he wouldn’t want to change in Kareena. Not missing a beat, Imraan replied, “Her bum! It’s a perfect 10 on 10!” While a visibly embarrassed Kareena covered her face, Karan was left speechless!

On being asked about his views on money for sex, a straight faced Imraan shot back, “Depends on how much you are offering!”

If that wasn’t enough, Karan asked Imraan what he expected to find if he walked into Ranbir Kapoor’s bedroom. A thoughtful Imraan pondered, “It’s hard to say … a big baby…”

Moving on to Kareena, Karan asked her, “Does size matter?” Even before Bebo could contemplate answering, Imraan butted in, “Please … on behalf of all men, please answer this question for us!” With a smile on her face, Kareena said, “I think to me it does.”

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