Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cat fights in the Ring!

From having an everyday rant with the maid to picking up a random fight with their friends, women fighting it out have been the most common visual in our day-to-day lives. Entering Indian lands with a wrestling show having an international format, Ring ka King: Wrestling ka Mahayuddh, has definitely taken the onus to live up to the expectations of wrestling enthusiasts. While the first episode showcased male international wrestlers ready to tear each other apart, in the episodes that follow audiences will get a glimpse of what female wrestlers are made of. The two female wrestlers in question Mickie James and Alissa Flash will meet each other in the ring for a face-off to prove their mettle to the world. With a background in cheerleading and having won 10 wrestling championships, Mickie James is well-kinown for her flexibility and quick moves. To combat this, Alissa Flash has gained respect for her sturdy moves and quick reflexes and has won 3 championship titles in the past. So will the women show the other wrestlers sweat it out and show them who’s really boss?

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