Friday, May 17, 2013

Nihal mesmerised by Ratan

In Veera, this week, amidst the wedding celebrations, Ratan and Nihal come close to each other and Bansiri and Kartaar notice this. What will be their next course of action? Veera splatters haldi on Ratan leaving her smudged in it completely. Ratan takes it as a sign and believes that her happiness is not too far. Kartaar tries to come close to Ratan through something or the other. Gurpreet senses his intentions and decides to ruin his plans. What will be her next course of action?Ratan hopes of Sampooran’s return reiterates as she dresses up for him. Will her hopes turn into reality?Ratan dresses up for the wedding and all are happy to see her just like before. Nihal too is mesmerised on seeing Ratan like this as he has never seen her like this..

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