Friday, May 17, 2013

Rashi to deliver kids in US

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, this week, three months have passed and it’s the godbharai day of Rashi. She is excited and so is the rest of the Modi’s. Kinjal and Dhaval on the other hand decide not to spoil rash’s day and inform the family about the divorce the next day. But Rashi’s day seems to be going bad but eventually everything falls on place. The ceremony starts and Kinjal and Dhaval feel very uncomfortable together. Gopi gets to know about the divorce and is tries to inform the same to gopi but in the heavy ceremony she is not able to. Koki finally gets to know and goes to Rajpal Nagar to meet Urmi, where she finds out about Urmi planning Dhaval’s second marriage and the rest. She warns Urmi to get them together or She will speak to Kinjal and Dhaval about what she did and she has to face the consequences. Urmi does everything to get them together but it doesn’t work. She gets very tensed and a final show-down happens where Dhaval Kinjal make-up in an auto where Urmi is driving though she doesn’t know how to drive. They eventually meet with an accident where Urmi gets hurt and Kinjal hurts herself saving Dhaval. Modi’s invite Kinjal Dhaval and Urmi for dinner, Urmi couldn’t enjoy as her canine tooth is badly hurt in the accident. She next day goes to the Doctor where she finds out about getting US citizenship if the baby is delivered in US. Urmi shares the same with Rashi and they start planning. Urmi gets a gold tooth after a junior doctor takes the wrong tooth out. Rashi tries to convince Jigar to take her to US but he doesn’t approve.

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