Sunday, May 19, 2013

SC to propose to Kumud

In SaraswatiChandra, this week, SC tries to make Kumud jealous but to no avail. SC is upset as he feels she does not love him as passionately as he does. Kumud turns the tables on SC and makes him jealous by dancing with another guy. SC is upset and Kumud tries to pacify him. Kumud not taking part in any of the festivities, SC realizes this and writes his name on her hand during mehndi ceremony. Db husband enter the house, SC calms her down and says Kumari's brother is there to protect her. Kumud touched by this gesture. The bride tells Kumud how her fiance proposed to her and Kumud realizes she does not have a story to tell. Gunn tells SC he needs to do something special. SC says he will propose.

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