Friday, May 10, 2013

Saras-Kumud to kiss

Saraswatichandra and Kumud end up sharing a kiss in the kitchen. Gumaan sees a man coming from the bank and handing over haveli papers and profits to LN. Gumaan explains that she had mortgaged the haveli in his absence as the business he had started in Kumud's name was failing but now since profits have been made he she gives this money to VC as the family is not in very good situation. LN knows VC is self-respecting but then comes VC with Jayanta a childhood friend. LN and Jayanta meet, hes come to invite them all for his daughter's wedding. VC says byah is ghar sye hoga and LN says I’ll bear the expense so this way they help their poor friend .Gumaan tell LN if VC can help a friend you too can help VC. Finally LN agrees .SC manages to get Kumud out of her room and as they come down to meet each other. LN hands money to VC and he bursts out at LN for demeaning him. As the lovers run to meet each other they are shocked seeing their warring fathers.
 LN and VC fight and SC and Kumud side with their dads in a volatile situation. They end up fighting and taking their dads away. During Jayant's daughter's wedding arrives Juhi, a photographer from London, here to cover a  Indian village wedding. SC and Juhi know each other from before. 
SC introduces Kumud as his love. Gumaan meets Juhi with great fondness as she’s her best friend daughter.  Juhi was in love with SC but SC, being SC never reciprocated the love. For him Juhi was just a friend.

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