Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aman Verma comes to Rubina Dilaik's rescue

We’ve heard that everyone on the sets of Zee TV’s Chhoti Bahu except Rubina Dilaik aka Radhika was excited at Aman Verma’s entry as an Asur (devil) in the show. No, she had no personal tiff with Aman, but was apprehensive about working with a senior actor of Aman’s caliber. Just after a few weeks of shoot, both Rubina and Aman are full of mutual admiration for each other.  How did this happen?

When Aman realized that Rubina is feeling intimidated by his presence, he tried to  ease the atmosphere by cracking a few jokes then very subtly started giving Rubina a few acting tips. Dev (Avinash Sachdev) said, “Aman is so good that we didn’t even realize that he is trying to teach us a few acting tricks. He would casually bring up something in the course of a normal conversation and everyday, we would learn something new in a playful mood.”

Rubina says, “I play Lord Krishna, who has to look at the devil with steely eyes and be at my sarcastic best when retorting. I have to always portray a larger than life image in front of the devil. But the moment Aman came in front of me I used to look like a hapless chicken and get intimated by him. Aman has been working in the industry for almost two decades and understood my predicament. He asked the director to stall the shoot, took me aside and explained that every actor is supposed to do what is expected of him/her. Had young heroes been scared of legendary villains like Amrish Puri or Pran blockbusters like Mr. India or Amar, Akbar, Anthony would have never seen the light of day. I will never forget those lines and so many more tips for the rest of my acting career.”

Aman Verma did not want to take any credit for Rubina’s acting. He brushed aside all praise and said, “Rubina is a gifted actress who is an extremely fast learner. I still learn from my co-actors and seniors. It is very difficult for an actor of her age to play the role of a God with such finesse.”

Seems like Aman has managed to work his charm on the cast!

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  1. rubina is really a great actress and she is playing kanha's role very brilliantly....she and avi r best...