Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bigg Boss 5-Paisa Yeh Paisa

The day begins with an apt number of ‘Paisa Paisa’ with the TV displaying ‘5 days to go’ and ‘1, 00, 00,000/-‘. As the contestants walk outside, they notice a bag filled with cash put in the garden area, and soon they understand that they have an open option of walking out with the cash in case any of them think they are not going to win.Seeing this Sidharth discusses with Mahek how the money would increase by the day so that it will tempt them more to leave. 
As the day progresses, Sidharth and Sky are seen getting into a small banter and due to a task. Mahek, Juhi and Amar roll into the banter too and soon each of them are seen supporting their friends on the show.
As a result of the argument that happened in the afternoon, Mahek and Sky start arguing about how each of them have been after each other’s lives always. Sky taunts Mahek about her coming back at Sky for all that he had done to her earlier on the show. Sky tells Mahek that she should stop avenging him. Mahek returns the favor back to Sky by telling him that he should stop accusing her for things she is not doing.
In the evening, since the entire house had a very negative day, all of them sit down to discuss about their best experiences in the house. Sidharth talks about how his best moment was when Mahek told him that he has managed to win her heart. Juhi discusses about her best moment being her husband walking into the house and being with her. Sky discusses how his best moment was when Pooja Bedi showed that concern for him while he was down and the entire house was pointing a finger at him but only Pooja Bedi was the one who asked him to stand strong.
As the day ends, Sidharth and Mahek are seen discussing Amar and his spineless behavior. Sidharth tells Mahek that just a few days back it was Sky who was taunting Amar and making fun about his family, wife and kids and now Amar has turned out to be gelling well with the man again. Sidharth tells Mahek that he feels ashamed of supporting Amar while all of this was going on. He says, that now when Sky is being sweet, it took no time for Amar to stop being with them and bitching about them to Sky.

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