Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sky-Juhi have an argument

The day begins on a very competitive song of ‘Muqqabla’ as it is an indication for the housemates that the show is nearing its end and soon a winner will be announced.
The house continues on the same note as last night’s. The trio – Juhi, Amar and Sky, continue to be irritated with Mahek and Sidharth after all that had happened the day before. Sidharth continues to throw weight around and orders Juhi to get him tea and Amar to wash his cup to which both revolt and soon Sky joins them in too.

Soon, Mahek and Sidharth head to their room and the trio follow them trying to listen to their conversation and taunt them. While Juhi, Amar and Sky taunt them, Sidharth maintains his stance of not getting into a fight unnecessarily with anyone around.

The entire house remains silent for a while but very soon starts interacting and having fun with each other. They all imitate the evicted contestants and recall old memories of how each one would fight over something or the other.

In the evening, Sidharth is seen apologizing to Amar and Sky about all the wrongs he has done so far in the show. Amar reacts well and is warm and apologizes back while he also taunts him saying Sidharth has actually hurt him a lot. When Sidharth approaches Sky, Sky is little cold but smiles and agrees to forget everything too.

As time passes, Sky has an outburst where he thinks Sidharth did not respect him and vents it out first in front of Juhi and Amar and tells them that he will go and clear the same out. Juhi and Amar try to stop him and ask him not to unnecessarily approach Sidharth and elongate the drama, but he does not listen. Sky goes out and tells Sidharth how he was the one who saved Sidharth from kicking Pooja Misrra and getting out of the show for being violent. Sky tells him that if it wasn’t for him, Sidharth would not have been a part of the show any more.

Seeing all Sky’s outburst, Juhi cribs about how she tried stopping him and tried talking to him but he just would not listen.

The day ends on a very awkward note where all the housemates are seen not talking or interacting with each other and suddenly the lights go off.

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