Monday, January 2, 2012

Bigg Boss 5-Yamamotoyama bonds with contestants

As Sunny leaves the house, the final five contestants are seen rejoicing and are happy as they have entered the finale list. Soon, the men are made to dress up for their Bigg wrestle and once the men see the giant sumo they would wrestle, all of them end up giving scared reactions. Sidharth is assigned the task of attending to the special guest in the house. Sidharth soon starts interacting with Yama and manages to become friends with him. 

In the evening, as the contestants relax after dinner, they ask Yama to sing a Japanese song. He very cutely sings a Japanese song for the contestants and soon everyone in the house starts singing with him. They teach him ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ and he repeats after them. After the singing, they teach him how to dance and he grooves with them too. They teach him to do Salman’s step from the movie ‘Dabangg’.

As the next day begins, the wake up song ‘Sayonara’ makes Yama happy and he begins humming the song. He soon jumps into the swimming pool, and Amar and Sky cannot help but make fun of the way all the water splashed out of the swimming pool. The two tell him how it felt like a mini tsunami once he jumped inside the swimming pool.

In the afternoon, Yama’s lunch is sent inside the house. The entire house is shocked to see how Yama’s food is sent in steel buckets. Looking at the way Bigg Boss has sent lunch, Yama is shocked.

In the evening, the contestants start talking to Yama about his love life back in Japan. In a while, Sidharth takes a red balloon and starts teasing Yama after Yama talks about his love life. The two have fun and are seen enjoying the moment.

In the night, Bigg Boss sends in dinner for Yama and asks all the contestants to serve him food the Indian way. Yama enjoys being treated well but at the same time very sweetly asks all the other contestants to enjoy their dinner too.

In the night, Sky taunts Amar along with Juhi about how Amar is always happy when a contestant is asked to pack bags and leave the house.

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